Saturday, September 17, 2011

Challenge #2 Paris - France

The trip around the world continues at Artistic Document
Well we are one round and one mini down so lets hop a steamer to Paris a city rich in culture and the home of many many famous painters ..........................................
So in this challenge we had to choose our favourite Impressionist Painter and our favourite painting done by him/her..

I chose Springtime by Monet:

Technique:Sewing/Frivolity either machine of hand but NO faux sewing and it can be on a the page or on an embellishment .. I have done this on the butterfly
Don't forget to use your chosen stamp ! ! ! ! ! - along the bottom of the frame

Criteria :
* String - the body of the butterfly
* Paint,Ink or Mist - inked edges of page, misted frame around photo
* Canvas - butterfly
*Must have a visible hot air balloon - stamped

This is my take on the challenge:

I have used the colours as my inspiration.

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  1. Laraine, you won the free pass for the Got Sketch Express 2 class! Please email me at so we can get you in asap. Congrats!