Sunday, August 22, 2010

August Mid-Month Mystery Challenge

This month all the DT's ganged up on us, each having some input into the criteria:

This is a 2 part challenge :

Part ONE
So get counting girls - every individual stamp ...
A rak for the person with most stamps
A rak for the person with the least Stamps

Part TWO
And a LO stamp orientated ..Criteria as Follows No swaps allowed must be all your own work

Terri - alter an embellishment by stamping on it
Toni - use at least one stamp in the title
Kym - make a stamped journal block
Megan - use masking technique
Marie - One of your PP has to be a stamped background made by you ..

I have managed to amass a whopping 1091 stamps (including individual alphabet stamps) but was not the one with the most so did not feel so bad after all. I won't mention who had the most Marie and Irene or who had the least Sim and Kym.

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