Sunday, August 18, 2013

2013 Begins

New year's Day saw us heading down to a local park so that Alistair could fly the remote controlled helicopter he received for Christmas. We had just got out of the car & were heading to the picnic table when I stepped into a hole covered with long grass and finished up on the ground. The result of this was a broken foot.

Kay and I spent the afternoon at the Fremantle hospital where I had X-rays taken to ensure the ankle wasn't broken. Results showed a break above the little toe.
This made for a very uncomfortable but speedy return drive to Queensland followed by a visit to the local doctor the day after we arrived home.

I got the all clear from the Oncologist to go back to work on a graduated return so began working 2 days a week. I was extremely tired & wondered if this was the right course to take. However after consulting with the Oncologist, a change of medication was made from Femara to the good old Tamoxifen. After a few weeks I was feeling heaps better and had lots more energy.

In March I signed up for Weight Watchers on line to try to lose the 10kg I had gained since my surgery. I am still going strong and to date have lost 7.7kg. Still a ways to go as I need to lose another 10kg before cruising the South Pacific in March.

I have still been doing some scrapbooking but just don't seem to have the mojo for paper scrapping at the moment. I have done several of the challenges on Jellybeans - some paper & some digital.

January Challenges:

February Challenges:

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