Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June Challenges

Well I have managed to get a couple more of the June challenges done. Then we have Cybercrop on Friday night. Yay. Can't wait! We always have so much fun on these nights.

Terri's challenge was to to create a LO made using predominately patterened paper.
MINIMAL other embellishment are allowed. The title must be from PP also.

Marie set an inspirational challenge - an all white picture depicting and using the words 'a new leaf'. This is my inspired layout.

Just one more to go and that is Megan's challenge. I have started working on this one but just have to refine it a bit before sticking it down.


  1. your LO's are fab Laraine, i especially luv the White One!!!! GORGEOUS

  2. Yep New Arrival is just a stunner.
    Awesome Laraine